Let us introduce our selves. Kim Sieving is the matriarch of the family
and has been breeding and showing cats for over 30 years. She started
out showing Himalayans and Persians. As Kim's passion for breeding
continued to grow she began to focus on solid white Persians. She
works to maintain her kittens and prides herself on showing her
whites in excellent show condition. Kim's three daughters all followed
her passion by creating their own programs geared toward their specific
interests. Ashley the oldest daughter enjoys breeding and showing red
and red tabby Persian and Exotics. Stephanie the middle has a primary
focus of exotics no matter the color but really enjoys all things tabby.
Rosemary (aka MO) branched way out and went for something a little
more unique and started the first short hair program under Topknot
Cattery and breeds the Devon Rex. All together the 4 make up Topknot
Cattery. All have a love for animals that can be seen in their care for
their cats and all living things. Hope to see and hear from you all soon
and thank you so much for visiting our site.
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Topknot Cattery
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