Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How much grooming is involved with a

A. A Persian requires daily grooming and weekly to
bi-weekly baths

Q. What is the best type of brush or comb to use
on a Persian or Exotic?

A. The best comb to use on either a Persian or Exotic is a
steel toothed comb which you can find at most local pet

Q. How do you keep the eyes clean on a white

A. Wiping the eyes daily will help to keep your white
cat beautiful. A damp warm rag to wipe the eyes and to
help remove staining you can use Eye Envy powder,
found on the website

Q. What do I do if my cat won't use the litter

A. Make sure your box is cleaned daily, some cats will
refuse to use a dirty box. Also try using a different litter
we recommend Cat Attract or Tidy Cat Scoopable.

Q. How can I stop my cat from soaking its mane
when it drinks?

A. Try using a ceramic Beehive bowl. This has a small
opening for the cat to drink from but not get their hair
in. You can find these at